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Robb Recommends: A Carry-On Suitcase That Helps Prevent Wrinkles

VOCIER’s innovative C38 bag comes with things you didn’t even know you needed.

VOCIER suitcase carry-on Photo: Courtesy VOCIER
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You don’t see garment bags much in overhead compartments these days, and VOCIER may be the reason why. Headquartered in Germany, with a design office in the Italian alps, the luggage and travel accessories company has been racking up recognition since it was founded five years ago, including prestigious James Dyson Design and Red Dot Design awards. Its best-selling model, the stylish C38, offers things I didn’t even know I needed from a carry-on suitcase—including hidden compartments, and a patented ZeroCrease section that helps keep clothes more pristine and wrinkle-free than any garment bag could.

VOCIER C38 carry-on suitcase

The ZeroCrease compartment can be easily removed for more space  Photo: Courtesy VOCIER

Made with ballistic nylon, fiber-injected BASF plastics and vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather details, the two-wheel case has a zippered top with a built-in garment-hanging compartment that’s been designed to keep clothes compressed, so they don’t wrinkle. (It can fit the equivalent of one full suit.) The compartment then curves over a main zippered section where you can put the bulk of your items; if you don’t need the hanging option, it can be easily removed to provide more space in the interior.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the suitcase, a hidden zipper under one of the handles leads to a deep section for Dopp kits, plastic bags of liquids or anything might need to quickly access when going through security, as well as additional areas for chargers and power banks. Finally (and this might be a first), when you pull up the telescoping handle, you’ll see another pouch where you can stash passports and phones while you’re rolling through the airport. I didn’t make use of all these features on my first trip with the C38, but since then have found them come in very handy—so much so, my other carry-ons are seeming a little basic in comparison. The C38 comes with a lifetime warranty, a 100-day risk-free trial and free international shipping and returns. VOCIER also makes four-wheel carry-ons and versions with more interior space and features like compression pads, external laptop pockets and modular connectivity with other accessories.


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