Robb Report Club Members Journey to Tuscany and Naples

Highlights included hunting for white truffles and a private Brunello Cucinelli cashmere experience…

In October Robb Report Club members headed to Italy to pursue fine wines, local delicacies, and high fashion. Five nights at the 800-year-old estate Castiglion del Bosco provided an idyllic introduction to Tuscany’s gastronomic heritage. An on-site winery makes an exquisite Brunello di Montalcino, while two gourmet restaurants and a top-notch cooking school guarantee epicurean indulgence. Led by a skilled truffle hunter and his loyal dogs, the group scoured the countryside in search of the elusive white truffle that makes its annual appearance in October. Meanwhile, chef Enrico Figliuolo prepared exquisite truffle-inspired dinners.

On a day trip to the village of Solomeo, guests observed the time-honored Umbrian tradition of textile weaving in Brunello Cucinelli’s cashmere factory. Headquartered in a 13th-century hilltop castle, the company has breathed new life into this sleepy, medieval hamlet. Other highlights of the Tuscan leg of the journey included an olive harvest and olive-oil tasting, meals at restaurants favored by locals, and a boot camp program to make room for even more food and wine.

Next club members headed to the golden-hued culinary capital of Naples, where Kiton—renowned for its hand-stitched, expertly tailored suits—invited the group to its factory. The company was cofounded in 1956 by fifth-generation fabric merchant Ciro Paone. The next morning, the group took a short ferry ride to the glittering island of Capri, an ancient resort destination so prized by Emperor Tiberius that he quit Rome altogether and ran the empire from a sunny villa. After a leisurely day of shopping and exploring, travelers returned to Naples for a decadent farewell dinner.

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