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Scandinavia Private Jet Vacation

The mysteries of Scandinavia run deep, from the blooming golds and greens of the Northern Lights flashing across the sky to the midnight sun shimmering all night long, endless Polar Nights soaked in silence and rising mountains flanked by icy fjords. Yet hidden amongst the rich tapestry of ice and fire you can find kingdoms built on sheer sophistication and opulent style. From the fairytale castles of Denmark to the world’s most exquisite fish dishes, frozen ice hotels and lavish spa experiences slipping into steaming volcanic springs – let Presidential Private Jet Vacations unveil the enigma of startling Scandinavia.


From the moment you touch down on the green and glacial shores of Norway the world takes a different turn, one where every landscape blazes with ethereal color and charm. Explore the sweeping emerald Geirangerfjord woven through a landscape of sheer dramatic cliffs, rising turrets of lush forest and icy white waterfalls gushing into the rich waters. Meander through the pretty painted town of Bergen with its cobbled streets and salt spray air and sip a homemade brew under the flood of the Aura Borealis in Tromslo. For those who adore Nordic cosmopolitan style take a private flight to the capital of Oslo for a plethora of culture and heritage. Catch a show at the gleaming opera house, gaze at Munch’s notorious Scream, and witness the tangle of wooden churches on the Kings Island of Bygdøy.



Slip into the delights of Denmark in style with Presidential Private Jet Vacations. Your first flush of the fairytale country is best experienced in the chic city of Copenhagen. Take a trip back in time at the delightful Tivoli Gardens where 19th century carnival flair combines with Michelin-star magic. Ride the vintage Ferris wheel, watch the lanterns twinkle and listen to the sounds of a brass band as you indulge in flamboyant fine cuisine renowned across the globe. In the warmer months taking a private jaunt across to the beautiful Baltic Island of Bornholm will show you an elegant seascape of craggy coastline, old smoke houses, slips of white sand and pastel painted fishing villages sitting snugly beside the sea. With the freedom of private jet travel you can touch down on the enigmatic Faroe Islands, a birdwatchers paradise rarely tapped by the outside world and home to one of the best spots to experience the coming solar eclipse in all her glory.


Discover the call of the wild as you sink deep into the Northern shores of fabulous Finland. From husky sledding beneath the Northern Lights to sleeping in igloos in snow silenced forests, warming in the midnight sun beside crystal clear lakes and exploring the heart-warming shores of Helsinki, Finland is a unique world of wonder. The Åland Islands are a must for discovering archipelago awe, with smatterings of wooden houses, trendy cafes and luxurious little hideaways tucked between the hills and the sea; this is the ultimate destination for a dream escape. Those seeking a breath of classical modernism can hit up Helsinki with its incredible array of museums, galleries, parks and inspiring rock church. Seasonal wonder should take you to the lore of Lapland with its Christmas card scenes, ancient Sámi customs, cloudberry bushels and lonesome timber cottages sewn into the snow. When the midnight sun is burning bright Lake Saimaa is the place to be, sink into the soft lit saunas and steaming springs in the lake of a thousand islands.


Embrace the bounty of the great outdoors, be humbled by ancient history and discover the grace of a nomadic lifestyle cloaked in the luxuries that Sweden has to offer. The wholesome nature of this glorious land can be discovered in the charming slick city streets of Stockholm and out hiking through the rugged contours of the wilderness. Medieval Stockholm boasts winding alleys, achingly cool cultural gems, regal nobility and exquisite dining. See experimental artistic flair in the Moderna Museet, taste pickled herrings with a picnic in the plush green grounds of Djurgården and pay homage to the Nobel Prize winners at the majestically inspired Stadshuset. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärv is a once in a lifetime experience as you sleep wrapped in furs on a bed of glittering frost. Take a snowmobile expedition to follow the Sami reindeer herders for a rare glimpse into a truly fascinating culture.

Scandinavia is a rare spot of boundless beauty just begging to be explored. With endless ice trails, deep shadowy forests and a rising crescendo of mountains that seems to stretch on forever, private jet travel is the simplest and most luxurious way to discover the secrets of ice and fire. Let Presidential Private Jet Vacations whisk you into a world where in the summer the sun never sets and in the winter is wrapped in starlight.

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