See the Highlights of Africa with Presidential Private Jet Vacations

Imagine stepping in the footprints of the first man, hearing the plains flood with thunder, and feeling the pulse of the heart of darkness as you push through the jungle vines where pale butterflies flit in the sunlight. The magic of Africa has long been tempting us into its spellbinding world. Chartering the mystique of the African Continent on your private jet vacation can show you the stars pricking above mountain peaks, can introduce you to exotic cuisine beside sparkling infinity pools and can deliver a grotto of color, enchantment and ancient culture swathed in luxury. In the care of Presidential Private Jet Vacations with its luxuriously-appointed late-model aircrafts such as the Gulfstream, Challenger and Falcon jets, experience the sounds, scents and colors of Africa on a private jet vacation.

Cape Town, South Africa

The sheer delight of South Africa all start in Cape Town with its soaring crescendo of Table Mountain, sprawling wine lands and glittering waters peppered with playful whales.  Afro chic meets creole infusion in this whirlwind destination that does not scrimp when it comes to luxury living. You can hear singing penguins on the shores of Boulders Beach, abseil down the clinging cliffs of the mountain with unrivalled views across the city bowl and stuff your suitcase with indigenous goodies from the Pan African Market. Savor Ethiopian delicacies with your hands in the ornate and lush surroundings of Addis in Cape. The rustic jewel of Robertson and Montagu invites you to sample the finest new-world wines lovingly prepared from barrel to bottle.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Home to nature’s greatest show on Earth, the swaying plains of Serengeti National Park will display before your eyes the delicate balance of nature. The dance of life and death can be found in the annual Great Migration as millions of wildebeests cross the perils of the plains with their young. Deep gorges, white-water rivers and vast grasslands scorched by the sun deliver a rich image of the savannah untouched by man’s hand. Big cats lounge lazily in the shade, hyenas prowl the shadows, baby antelope stagger to their feet for the first time and elephants bathe in the chalky waters next to slit eyed crocodiles. At night, you can sit beneath a blanket of stars listening to the cries of the wild from the charm and splendor of a luxury camp in this awe-inspiring realm.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

The hazy veil of Victoria Falls is one of the greatest natural wonders to behold with its roaring rhythm, its pale spray like smoke and its carved environs. Witnessing the grandiose spectacle of Victoria Falls is a feast for the eyes and is sure to leave you breathless. Whether you want to capture the panoramic vista of the waterfalls with a glass of champagne on a micro flight or whether you wish to feel the thunder as you cross the boiling pot on boat, there is the ideal angle to suit all tastes. Yet the adventure doesn’t stop at the foot of the water. Adrenaline-inspired guests can ride the mayhem of the Zambezi river on a white-water rafting tour, you can cool in the gorges, take a sunset horseback ride or dinner cruise and bathe in the natural pools that teeter on the edge. Five-star accommodation at the cataracts boasts a past colonial environment perfect for sipping a cool drink and taking in the sights. 

Desert Dunes, Namibia

Luxurious desert lodges, rolling seas of sand and sunsets of fire create the soul of Africa that can be found in Namibia. The desert dunes will fill your heart with spiritual beauty, serenity and the awe of nature. Golds and reds shimmer beneath the blue sky of Sossusvlei with its rising sand mountains, skeletal trees and tracks of the Tsauchab River. Ancient Acacia, yellow prairies and mountain zebra dot the horizon and soaring above the horizon in a hot air balloon is the best way to capture this endless scenery of shifting sand.

Exploring the breathtaking beauty of Africa on a private jet vacation with Presidential Private Jet Vacations will offer an unbridled experience of the world where man’s story first began. Witnessing the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the teeth and claws of Tanzania and soaking up the glitzy sun and surf of chic South Africa makes for a myriad adventure not to be missed. Embark on a journey and live the dream with Presidential Private Jet Vacations.

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