Sneak Peek: Belle Mont Farm on Kittitian Hill, St. Kitts

Most of the 84 standalone rooms have private pools, and all have Caribbean views…

Why Go: If you have ever been bored of the “pool, spa, dinner, repeat” luxury-resort circuit, take a look at Belle Mont Farm on Kittitian Hill. There is a lot to do. You can eat almost every plant growing within the lush 400-acre Kittitian Hill development-cum-organic farm. Golfers can pick fresh fruit between holes on the new Irie Fields course, and guests are invited to join foragers on daily vegetable harvests. One day there will be artisan and cooking workshops and a film school. Kittitian Hill’s founder, Valmiki Kempadoo, is accomplishing through tourism what he tried for years to get done as a social refromer. He has dreamt all of this up with a management partner in Sedona Resorts and with the renowned Thailand-based architect and landscape designer Bill Bensley. Most of the 84 standalone rooms (from $2,250, all inclusive incorporating a $200 daily spa credit and airport transfers) have private pools, and all have Caribbean Sea views, so you can easily stay on the usual circuit if you’d like. Groups can rent one of seven farmhouses.  

What to Expect: Don’t expect easy beach access; this is not the Caribbean’s typical white-sand beach resort. Belle Mont Farm is up on a hill, so enjoy the views. An existing beachfront boutique hotel 10 minutes away by car will become part of the development. When it reopens next year after renovation, guests will be able to come down to the Golden Lemon Inn to snorkel and lie out on the black-sand beach. In Belle Mont Farm’s great house are the Kitchen restaurant and the Mill bar. The Terrace will soon open with a 12-course tasting menu, a food truck will go door to door, and a restaurant will open down at the Golden Lemon. The highly anticipated Mango Walk Spa at the top of Kittitian Hill will open next year, with an eventual 16 treatment rooms. Additional hotels and private homes will be added during later development phases.

How to Get There: If St. Kitts is shaped like a baseball bat, Kittitian Hill is right at the top. Guests fly in at the base of the bat, near the island’s big city, Basseterre, and the cruise-ship port. The drive from the St. Kitts airport or the new private-aviation Yu Lounge to the more remote side of the island is about 30 minutes. (bellemontfarm.com)

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