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Take a Private Jet Vacation to the South American Andes

South America calls to those travelers seeking to explore a land of Latino rhythms, lush landscapes, cities bursting at the seams with life and a culture you simply cannot hold down. Whether embracing the solitude of the Salt Plains in Bolivia or standing on the brink of the world at the Andes that stretch into Chile, every day spent exploring South America is a day you live life to its fullest.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations invites you to climb aboard a bespoke private jet and touch down on one of the most exciting continents in the world. Fragrant jungles, snowcapped mountain tops, flooded plains, vibrant cities and one of the most impressive rivers to cut across Mother Earth, are all waiting to be conquered in the sultry and sexy lore of South America.


A country clinging to the top of the world is bound to be an adventure in itself, and in Bolivia you can be tempted by the allure of the challenge every day. The never-ending sea of mountain peaks change with each hour of the day bringing in a kaleidoscope of colors, complex natural bliss and a delicate culture of divine inspiration. The world’s highest capital city is a sprawling delight cut into the steep cliffs with vivacious style. Despite the dizzying altitude La Paz is a smorgasbord of foodie experiences, cultural wonder and endless energy. Yet the capital is merely a jumping off point. For a truly unique experience, you need to walk across the vast open space of the Salar de Uyuni, where after rainfall the land perfectly mirrors the sky. Lake Titicaca is hailed as the largest lake in South America and, according to Andean tradition, the birthplace of the sun. The labyrinth stone complexes flanking its shores, the Inca steps and the legendary fountain of youth all make the lake a sacred place to explore.



The Land of the Incas is straight from the pages of a fairytale with its rising black and gold mountain range, its forgotten cities, sacred valleys and gateway to the banks of the ebbing Amazon River. One of the first places to witness will be the wonder of Machu Picchu, carved deep into the Andes Mountains boasting ancient mysteries, royal roots and breathtaking views across the roof of the world. Close to the teeming city of Cusco you will find the Sacred Valley, home to many important archeological ruins and Inca cities crumbling to dust. Lima has become a hotbed of epicurean cuisine dotted with internationally acclaimed restaurants, making it perfect for learning the art of fine Peruvian cooking with plenty of fresh and fragrant farmers’ markets. The masses of fountains have turned Lima into the Garden City and the colorful culture and all night parties make it a must for those seeking a break from the mystical aura that surrounds the rest of Peru.


With the diamond-topped Andes as the background and the whisper of the Amazon rainforest on your doorstep, Ecuador is brimming with secret treasures, Andean adventures and pristine surf spots. Ecuador is home to the enchanting Galapagos Islands, where Mother Nature plays her hand without trouble from the outside world. This unique collection of archipelago islands are teeming with exotic birds, splashing sea lions, giant tortoises, playful penguins and so much more. With barely a natural predator upon the shores, this is nature living in complete unbridled harmony. Lose yourself in the enveloping mist of the cloud forest and in the tiny town of Mindo. Cloaked in a verdant green canopy you can swing through the trees, hike the tumbling waterfalls and wallow in the sweet scent of exotic flora permeating the air. Banos is the gateway to the Amazon and sits sheltered under the foothills of the glowering Volcano Tungurahua. The town is fed with rich mineral springs still warm from the volcanic rock and with its deep cut gorges grazed by cascading white waterfalls is another pristine paradise for jungle exploration.


From the Salt Mountains to the Moon Valley, the Torres Del Paine and the heads on Easter Island, Chile is an intoxicating array of landscapes that make you feel as though you are stepping on another world. Surrounded by the Andes and the crashing surf of the Pacific, this is a land of extremes, where dunes, valleys and volcanoes rumble beneath an ever-changing sky. The Atacama Desert is one of the driest and most challenging environments on earth with its hot geysers, its changing colors of salt, its shifting sand dunes and its midnight skies that blaze and burn with a thousand stars. The Valle de la Muerte is carved into imaginative natural sculptures and the singular blue lagoons in the haze of the red desert appear to be a mirage to the naked eye. In contrast you can find the fertile forests and shimmering blue lake shores of Pucon a dream beneath a volcano, with horseback riding across the foothills and cooling waters to welcome you in.

Exploring the wonders of South America is best done by private jet travel. Sit back, sip a fine Chilean wine and admire the world outside your window. With unreserved travel across the continent you can weave your own stories in the tapestry of charm and color waiting to show you the world’s greatest adventures.

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