Ten Top Summer Getaways: Twin Farms

Spring in Vermont rarely arrives the same way twice. Sometimes it drips in, with punishing snowstorms giving way to copious rainstorms. Occasionally, it arrives in one great mid-May burst: Dandelions that did not exist on Thursday freckle the hills on Saturday, and long-reluctant buds suddenly coat tree branches with a smattering of green. No matter how spring chooses to make its entrance, Twin Farms, a 15-year-old resort in central Vermont, is an ideal place to welcome it.

Set on 300 forested acres—where cell-phone reception is erratic at best—Twin Farms provides direct access to the glories of nature. The resort is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, skiing, and countless other activities in the surrounding wilderness. Still, the resort’s cabins, cottages, and rooms—20 in total—encourage guests to cocoon.

In the Asian-style Orchard cottage, sliding screens decorated with wood squares can be drawn across the windows that compose the rear wall. Additional wooden screens close the wardrobe off from the master bedroom, and the bathroom doors feature panes of rice paper rather than glass.

Like the rest of Twin Farms’ accommodations, the Orchard provides a sense of isolation. Its rear wall overlooks a forested hill, and the only other structure visible, in the distance, is the Chalet, another of the resort’s cottages. Yet Twin Farms’ main house, Japanese-style furo bath, pub, fitness center, and spa all are within a few minutes’ walk. A fleet of minivans stands ready to shuttle you to and from your shelter, but do not miss the chance to stroll the crushed-gravel path back to your room after dinner. No matter the season, the sky on clear evenings is blanketed with stars. 

Twin Farms, 800.894.6327, www.twinfarms.com

Rates: From $1,300 to $3,000 per room; $41,000 to book the entire resort.

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