The Perfect 10

If you had 15 days to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do? African-travel specialist Will Jones thinks you should spend the time in private game camps, exploring the cultures and wildlife of Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa. Tom Collins of the Burgess yachting company believes you should charter a 157-foot boat and island-hop through the Caribbean. TCS Expeditions’ Jennifer DuBois suggests a multicontinent excursion in a Gulfstream V to explore the origins of the world’s major religions.

Over the past few months, Robb Report approached these and other leading luxury-travel professionals and asked them to assemble incomparable 15-day trips to their respective regions of expertise. What follows are their recommendations—10 ultimate itineraries that, like all perfect trips, can be tailored specifically for you.

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