Top Riviera Maya Chefs Showcase Destination’s Gastronomic Excellence

Leading chefs of the Riviera Maya have banded together to create a culinary collective that will host regular dinners to showcase the gastronomic excellence and creative juices of the destination’s top hotels and restaurants.

Seven chefs are participating in the Cooks Collective Riviera Maya (COCO.RM), who will hold a series of dinners with four chefs participating in each dinner.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for our guests to sample the creative talents of the extraordinary chefs of the Riviera Maya,” said the Viceroy Riviera Maya’s Executive Chef Jorge Ildefonso. “We will be working together, combining our unique individual skills with the region’s great abundance of fresh, top-quality foods from the land and sea, to make each dinner an unforgettable dining experience.”

The location of the dinners, which are limited to 20 guests, will rotate among the members of the collective:

  • September 23: La Fisheria: Chef Edgar Demecio of La Fisheria with the chefs from Viceroy Riviera Maya, Hotel Cacao and The Plank. Reservations:  tel.: (011-52) 984 147 5848. www.lafisheriaplaya.mx
  • October 7: The Plank: Chef Roberto Solombrino of The Plank with the chefs from Viceroy Riviera Maya, Hotel Cacao and La Fisheria. Reservations: tel.: (011-52) 984 803 0108. www.plank.mx
  • October 21: La Marea, Viceroy Riviera Maya: Chef Jorge Ildefonso of La marea with the chefs from Stone of Axiote, The Plank and The Palm at Playa. Reservations: tel.: (011-52) 984 877 3000. www.viceroyrivieramaya.com
  • October 31: Stone of Axiote: Chef Xavier Perez of Stone of Aziote with the chefs from The Palm at Playa, Viceroy Riviera Maya and The Imprevist. Reservations: tel.: (011-52) 984 803 1727.  http://axiote.rest/#_=_
  • November 4: Aroma Cilantro, The Palm at Playa: Chef Karla Enciso of Aroma Cilantro with the chefs from The Plank, The Stone of Axiote and The Imprevist. Reservations: tel.: (011-52) 984 873 3333. www.thepalmatplaya.com
  • November 18: The Imprevist: Chef Juan Diego Solombrino of The Imprevist with the chefs from Hotel Cacao, La Fisheria and The Stone of Axiote. Reservations: tel.: (011-52) 984 168 7025. www.imprevistpdc.com

Viceroy Riviera Maya is a serene all-villa hideaway where guests experience true relaxation, gracious villa living, exquisite dining, personalized pampering and healing spa treatments in a stunning ambiance combining lush jungle with a sugary-white-sand beach lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  For more information, call 800-578-0281, email vrm.reservations@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com, or visit www.viceroyrivieramaya.com.

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