Twin Farms

Each of Twin Farms’ 20 cottages, cabins, rooms, and homes contains unique temptations that discourage venturing outside. The Aviary has a hot tub that abuts a fireplace and a huge window that looks out on the resort’s helipad and the forest beyond. The Studio, another two-story cabin, features art by Frank Stella, David Hockney, and Jim Dine, while the four-suite Farmhouse at Copper Hill includes an outdoor hot tub that seats eight and offers views of the resort’s pond. Accommodations With the additions in 2005 of the Aviary cottage and the Farmhouse at Copper Hill (a large house that contains four suites), the resort can now host as many as 40 guests. Recreation The spa, fitness center, and pub are open year-round, while sports like canoeing, croquet, and skiing are seasonal. Dining The menu will remain unprinted to enhance the sensation of Dining in a private home, but expect lighter fare made with ingredients from the resort’s gardens. Worthy Diversion Enjoy a restful soak in the Japanese furo soaking tub. Rates Rooms in the main house begin at $1,100, inclusive of meals and beverages. The Chalet, which is accessed from its own road, fetches $2,750 per night. The entire property is available for a nightly rate of $36,000.


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