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Ultimate Private Islands: Bahamas: Musha Cay

At Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay—700 acres spread across 11 private Bahamian islands that illusionist David Copperfield acquired in 2006—guests choose their adventure. With 40 beaches, a host of watercraft, and a specially trained staff that can pull off everything from the mundane to the unimaginable, this one-of-a-kind property offers plenty of options.

Copperfield has poured more than $35 million into recent renovations at Musha Cay, creating what is literally a magical retreat. Guests, who stay in one of five houses scattered throughout the main island, can take part in theatrical adventures produced by the same creative team behind the owner’s 500 annual magic shows. The adventures, which may last all day, immerse guests in a living narrative—a storytelling method Copperfield was first exposed to as a child at summer camp, when counselors dressed in Indian costumes surprised his group and kidnapped one of the adults. Searching for the lost counselor felt to Copperfield like the ultimate adventure, “like living in a movie,” he recalls.

Musha Cay’s newest adventure, the Secret Village, involves a hidden staircase protected by an enormous monkey sculpture that (with the help of hydraulic lifts) rises up from the ground as you approach. Pass through an underground tunnel, enter a forested jungle, and, as a dramatic score plays over hidden speakers, the story comes alive.

ACCESS A 15-minute charter flight or one-hour boat ride from Exuma International Airport; protected anchorage and deepwater docking facilities for yachts up to 200 feet.


OVERNIGHT Five houses, including Highview—a 10,000-square-foot, two-bedroom manor with 360-degree views—and the five-bedroom Palm Terrace.

FEATURES A swimming pool, a gym, tennis and badminton courts, nature trails, an outdoor movie theater, a karaoke theater, and the Houdini Room, which includes a billiard table once owned by Harry Houdini.

DIVERSIONS Fishing and snorkeling plus cruising aboard a 37-foot speedboat, a 28-foot catamaran, a 23-foot jet boat, WaveRunners, and more. Theatrical adventures include the Musha 500 race, the M.U.S.H.A. Force spy challenge, and the Treasure of Copperfield Bay treasure hunt.


Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, 208.309.1106, www.mushacay.com; prices from $37,500 per night for as many as 12 people to $52,500 for as many as 24 people, including all meals and beverages

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