Ultimate Private Islands: Spain: Tagomago

A 100-acre speck in Spain’s Balearic Islands, Tagomago is arguably the Mediterranean’s most exclusive exclusive-use rental. The island retreat, set a half mile off the east coast of Ibiza, opened to guests last year after its once-forlorn, solitary, 1970s-style dwelling was transformed into a rousing whitewashed villa with five modernist en suite bedrooms, large dining and sitting rooms, and a gym. Outfitted with designer accoutrements—furnishings by Erda, lighting by Ingo Maurer, entertainment systems by Bang & Olufsen—the airy villa sits adjacent to an arrestingly beautiful blacked-out pool at the heart of this parched, vertiginous isle.

With little to do aside from hike the many informal trails that trellis the scrub-covered island or visit the century-old decommissioned lighthouse (whose quaint keepers’ cottages will soon be refurbished to provide amenities including a spa), guests use Tagomago either as an offshoot of the rave scene across the strait in Ibiza or, equally popular, as an idyllic escape from any and all scenes. Indeed, disruptions, interlopers, and trespassers will never figure into the equation at Tagomago: Access is only by boat to a protected jetty or by helicopter from the Ibiza airport.


Tagomago, +34.971.228.019, www.tagomago-island.com; available through Wolf Worster Associates, 323.460.4545; prices from $136,000 per week for a maximum 12 guests (or 10 if all adults), inclusive of meals and helicopter transfers from Ibiza

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