Uncharted Africa Safari Co. Adopts Chapman’s Baobab

In an exciting and unprecedented move, Uncharted Africa Safari Co. are now the proud custodians of the renowned Chapman’s and Green’s Baobab trees, having applied and being granted permission to adopt them by the Botswana National Museums. Uncharted joined the “Adopt a Monument Campaign” in support of the iconic landmarks, a partnership program promoting sustainable involvement and participation in the management and conservation of Botswana’s cultural and natural heritage sites.

Chapman’s Baobab is one of the oldest trees in Africa, reputed to be around 4000-6000 years old, and is very important for the history of colonial explorations into the continent, in addition to a being a real beauty! The “Adopt a Monument Campaign” supports these sacred landmarks, committing to patriotic, social and community responsibility, touching the roots and soul of a nation and culture, and whilst playing a proactive part in sustainability efforts and preserving this stunning landscape and environment.

Uncharted Africa’s flagship lodge, Jack’s Camp, is registered as a museum with the Botswana Government, and features a classic display of artifacts such as stone tools, fossils of extinct mega-fauna (i.e. giant zebra), historic etchings, maps and a collection of Bushman bead work, found in the area and collected by the owner, Ralph Bousfield’s family. Adding custody of these remarkable trees adds to the company’s strong interest in preserving the environment, culture and history of the area they call home. Uncharted Africa has pioneered and passionately supported cultural and eco-tourism in Botswana since the company’s inception 22 years ago.

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