A Very Special Tea in the English Countryside Honors a Giant

15th century manor house hotel Ellenborough Park announces BFG Afternoon Tea…

Upon release of Roald Dahl’s BFG in cinemas across the US and UK, 15th century manor house hotel Ellenborough Park welcomes guests big and small for the first ever BFG Afternoon Tea. Launching July 18, nestled amongst the gardens and rolling hills of the Cotswolds in the English countryside. 

A tale of an unlikely friendship between a small, orphan girl and a big, friendly giant, saving the world by spreading dreams to children across England, the menu lifts and transports straight from the story with a delicious selection of all the BFG’s favorites. Executive Head Chef David Kelman, even cooking for the royal family himself, has crafted a dream menu including specialties such as frobscottle (vanilla creamy drink with bubbles and a hint of raspberry, green in color), a dream catcher horn ( brandy snap horn filled with a mascarpone cream), dreams in a jar (lemon posset and raspberry with a spiced smoke) and Snozzcumbers (black and white cucumber flavored sponge ). Of course also on offer is the breakfast put together by the character Mr. Tibbs, the Queen’s Butler, for the BFG on a fateful encounter with her majesty. 8 eggs, 12 sausages, sixteen rashers of bacon, fried potatoes in quiche form!

Ellenborough Park is steeped in royal history, former residents including King George II, and offers plenty of activities for kids and friendly giants alike, such as 90 acres of countryside to explore, polo lessons and archery.

For more information, please visit ellenboroughpark.com.

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