Viceroy Zihuatanejo Taps Surging Mescal Trend with New Mixology

Mescal is the new tequila. It’s surging in popularity in Mexico, mimicking tequila’s sudden momentum years ago that ultimately took it from relative obscurity to international star.  And chic Viceroy Zihuatanejo on Mexico’s Pacific coast is at the forefront of this nascent trend by introducing a newly created menu of mescal cocktails.

“Mescal is enjoying a renaissance because it has a very distinctive, smoky taste that brings a unique flavor profile to cocktails,” explained Martin Kipping, General Manager. The resort’s new mescal drinks – The Cucumber, The Hibiscus-Tini, and The Mariachi – are farm-to-straw, using natural ingredients including organic agave nectar rather than sugar or simple syrup.

Mescal, which must be 100% distilled from the agave, was brought to the New World by the Spaniards and is the oldest distilled spirit in North America. “As happened with tequila, both long-established and new artisanal producers are creating more sophisticated products today and it is probably only a matter of time before mescal becomes a mainstream alcoholic beverage around the world,” said Kipping.

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