Villa F

The city of Venice may be sinking into the Adriatic Sea, but it is doing so in style. Francesca Bortolotto Possati, president and CEO of the city’s Bauer Hotel group, introduced her latest contribution to Vene­tian splendor with the opening of Villa F in July.


The 16th-century villa—first a home to Venetian nobility and later an upscale pensione—is the city’s only all-suite hotel. Its 11 apartment-style accommodations offer maximum privacy and independence while still including such amenities as doting and erudite “on-site guardians” who cater to your every whim. The rooms are decorated with an understated sophistication that contrasts with the gilded ornamentation customary of Venice’s finest hotels. Expect clean lines, painted wood, and immense stone tubs.


Villa F’s location on the island of Giu­decca provides a welcome escape from the bustle of Venice’s main tourist drag. Still, the city center’s attractions are just a short (and complimentary) boat ride away. Guests also have easy access to the Bauer Palladio Spa and Hotel next door, as well as to the adjacent Bauer Il Palazzo. Villa F, +39.041.520.7022, www.villafvenezia.com

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