Located on Mount Yoshida in Kyoto’s Kagura-oka neighborhood, Yoshida-sanso consists of five guest rooms in the main house and a semidetached villa. All of the rooms in the house overlook the property’s formal Japanese cypress garden, which is bisected by a series of stepping stones that lead to the villa. From the moment you don your yukata, or cotton robe, time slows. Steamy communal baths help soak away stress, while traditional multicourse kaiseki dinners—served in the privacy of your room behind sliding rice-paper shoji doors—help you soak up the local culture. Accommodations Five rooms with communal baths in the main house, plus a semidetached villa with a living room, bedroom, bath, and wraparound deck. All rooms have garden views. Facilities Communal baths for soaking and a large, formal Japanese cypress garden for strolling. The hotel also offers in-room massage services. Dining In addition to the eight-course kaiseki meals made with seasonal ingredients and served in the guest rooms, the new Shinko-kan tea salon offers organic chocolate desserts and displays the works of British children’s author and illustrator Kate Greenaway. Concierge Recommends Book a night in a club for a private performance by three Kyoto geishas—one to dance, one to play the shamisen, and one to sing. Rates From $395 per person, per night in the main house, and from $560 per person, per night in the semidetached villa.

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