Equinox Is Opening a Luxury Hotel in Hudson Yards for the Fitness Buffs Who like to Travel

It aims to blend “the science of fitness [and] the art of travel.”

Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards New York Courtesy of Equinox

Until Equinox came along, even the most expensive gyms were sweaty, unsexy affairs. But the New York-based brand, which helped popularize the concept of the luxury health club in the 1990s, has turned fitness into an ultracool (and still sweaty) lifestyle experience with its high-end amenities, highly attractive staff and high-concept marketing campaigns that make you wonder whether you’re joining a gym or some kind of cult. Now Equinox is attempting the same with hotels: This June, the brand will open its first hospitality experience in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards development, promising, in its usual hyperbolic fashion, to blend “the science of fitness [and] the art of travel.”

The interior of a bathroom at Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards New York

Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards New York.  Courtesy of Equinox

What that means is “dark, cool and quiet” rooms for optimal sleep; healthy(ish) cuisine from James Beard Award–winning restaurateur Stephen Starr; and a 60,000-square-foot gym that will put the brand’s other facilities to shame. Beyond hundreds of group fitness classes, the hotel will offer a SoulCycle studio, indoor and outdoor pools, and one-on-one training and recovery programs. The brand will expand later this year with a Frank Gehry–designed hotel in Los Angeles, and it recently debuted a new travel company that creates bespoke experiences, from summit-chasing in Morocco to hiking in the Adirondacks, for its fitness-obsessed clientele. Which leads us to wonder: Is Equinox determined to take over the travel world? If it means rock-hard abs for everyone, we can’t say we mind at all.

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