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You Can Now Practice Equinox Hotels’ Wellness Rituals at Home Via Video

Developed by Equinox pros, these guided sessions and expert tips will help you find balance in uncertain times.

Equinox Hotel New York wellness fitness mindfulness Courtesy Equinox Hotels

Centered on the core principle of well-being, Equinox Hotels draw upon on the brand’s expertise in fitness and wellness. While you may not be able to check in to the flagship Equinox Hotel New York at this time to experience its programming in person (though as of this writing, the Hudson Yards-set hotel is still open), the company has tapped some of its in-house experts to craft routines and tips aimed at bringing balance and positivity to our daily lives—which we could certainly use these days. Custom-created by the hotel, the stretching-based AM and PM Rituals are available to watch at home via two on-demand videos, while the tip-filled Rituals Guide can be found here.

Led by Equinox pros, these guided sessions and tip guides will help you find balance in these uncertain times.

The AM Ritual gets the mind and body focused for the day ahead  Courtesy Equinox Hotels

Designed to awaken the spirit and get you ready for the day, the AM Ritual features targeted stretches that help to re-align and open the post-sleep body. The stretches in the PM Ritual, meanwhile, help relieve stress by increasing circulation in areas where tension typically accumulates; the flowing nature of the exercises also helps restores balance to the mind and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Equinox Hotels New York wellness mindfulness

Wind down with the stress-relieving, sleep-promoting PM Ritual  Courtesy Equinox Hotels

In the Rituals Guide, you’ll find tips from experts in the sleep science, nutrition, and performance addressing everything from the best essential oils to enhance focus to anti-aging breathing exercises and foods that aid in improving sleep quality. At the end of the Rituals page on the hotel’s site, you’ll also find links to a series of HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts by Equinox instructor Amber Voiles—including meditations specifically designed to help manage anxiety and ground the nervous system in trying times.

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