The Mandrake Hotel Is a Soothing Sanctuary in Bustling London

The contemporary art–filled boutique hotel will feature 30 rooms, three suites, and a penthouse.

Mandrake Hotel

Opening this month in London’s Fitzrovia district, the Mandrake hotel is an eclectic establishment envisioned by Beirut-born businessman and art connoisseur Rami Fustok. Driven by his love for art, Fustok decorated the hotel with contemporary paintings and sculptures by Jonas Burgert, Francesco Clemente, Peter-John de Villiers, and other artisans. He also worked with French composer Pierre-Arnaud Alunni to create original soundscapes as well as perfumer Azzi Glasser to design fragrances to waft through the building and soothe patrons. The result is an enchanting space that engages the senses and promises a rejuvenating stay for discerning travelers.

The buzzy boutique hotel (starting from $395 a night) will include 30 rooms, three suites, and a palatial penthouse with a bathtub positioned under a retractable roof that allows guests to soak under starry skies. A lush outdoor courtyard with jasmine and passion flowers anchors the four-level hotel, providing a sense of serenity in the city. A glasshouse filled with medicinal plants greets guests on the first-floor terrace, and a VIP lounge with a plush cinema and live music venue ensures a first-class stay. Plant-based cocktails and hand-selected wines will be available in the Waeska Bar & Lounge, while Serge et le Phoque restaurant will offer cuisine prepared by chef Fred Peneau.

Mandrake Hotel

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