Cheers to This: Montage Laguna Beach Is Serving up a $1,000 Charity Cocktail

Guests of the iconic Orange County resort can give back to a charity of their choice while they enjoy this top-shelf cocktail.

Balvenie 40-year Single Malt Scotch and Disarono Riserva Amaretto cocktail Photo: Courtesy

Raise a glass for a cause this summer at Montage Laguna Beach. The much-loved Orange County resort is serving up 17 all-new, modern cocktails throughout three of its restaurants and bars—offering everything from the Moscow mule-inspired peachy Summer and Smoke cocktail to a beer-lover’s spin on a classic whiskey sour.

Although all of the cocktails are tempting, the over-the-top Cinque Stelle, served in the resort’s Lobby Lounge, is a must-try for guests looking to give back. Made with the Balvenie 40-year Single Malt Scotch and Disarono Riserva Amaretto, the cocktail goes for a gob smacking $1,000 a pop—half of which will be donated to the drinker’s local charity of choice. Served over hand-chipped ice in a cut-crystal glass, the cocktail is best enjoyed out on the lounge’s expansive patio, which offers sweeping views of the Laguna Beach coast and Pacific Ocean.

Montage Laguna Beach pool view

Photo: Courtesy

After treating yourself to Montage Laguna Beach’s many luxuries—think leisurely days spent lounging at the resort’s iconic pool, teeing off on the near-by Monarch Beach Golf Links, or catching a breather at the 20,000 square-foot spa—giving back to those less fortunate is a poignant way to end your trip. So far, those who have enjoyed the cocktail have donated to charities like the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and the Laguna Food Pantry.

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