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The Beverly Hilton Is Taking Fitness to the Next Level With a New Biohacking Facility

This “human upgrade” center is all about fusing exercise with advanced technology to yield the best results in a shorter amount of time.

fitness biohacking workout gym Photo: Zeke Ruelas

The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles’s preeminent address for red-carpet events such as the Golden Globe Awards, has made a huge upgrade to its fitness and wellness offerings. But to call this new 6,000-square-foot space by Upgrade Labs a “gym” would be a gross understatement, because it goes far beyond that of treadmills and weight machines. Instead, the young company devised by Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, has created what it calls a “biohacking human upgrade facility.”

Firstly, what exactly is biohacking? Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs, explains that it’s when somebody “uses science and technology to make his or her mind and body function better and more efficiently.” Here, it’s not about the latest fad diet, workout, or number on a scale. “Biohacker technicians” provide their clients with a full rundown of their personal biology and tailor personalized regimens accordingly to achieve the best results. “Using the system’s approach to how the body works, collecting data, and using specific technologies targeted at specific measurable biomarkers, we can improve a wide range of biological functions and how the whole body system works,” says Tobias.

fitness biohacking workout gym

Is this the future of fitness?  Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Physical fitness is certainly a big focal point for the facility, where data-driven, customized training helps guests “hack” their workouts for greater results in a shorter time frame with smart equipment such as the RedCharger, which exposes your body to red and infrared LED lights to promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, and boost mitochondrial function; and Cold Hit, a system that combines compression and cooling technology to help with strength gains while simultaneously accelerating recovery, pushing your body the furthest it can go. Cellular rehabilitation also plays a key role in all of this—which is not limited to those that are bouncing back from rigorous workouts, but also individuals who are mending from an injury or cosmetic surgery—with treatments such as cryotherapy, detoxifying lymphatic massages, and infrared sauna sessions. And since the startup is about human upgrades and improving the overall quality of life, there’s also a cognitive aspect to this as well, with therapies that include Theta Delight to induce meditative states and EEG brain training. Upgrade Labs has also constructed travel packages aimed at combating fatigue (a great jet-lag remedy) so that those coming from afar can hit the ground running.

“Our members are not satisfied with being ‘average,’ “ adds Tobias. “They want to be above average in their ability to meet the challenges a busy life throws at them. Why be average when you can be upgraded?” Why, indeed.


infrared red light biohacking

The RedCharger at Upgrade Labs  Photo: Zeke Ruelas

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