This New Beach Resort is the Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

Sailrock Resort is the first luxury property to open on sleepy South Caicos Island.

It may come as a surprise to travelers that the Caribbean nation of Turks and Caicos is more than a single island. Providenciales—the white-sand-fringed main isle known for its luxury resorts lining picturesque Grace Bay—is the country’s most sought-after destination. But the recent arrival of a new luxury resort on South Caicos, Providenciales’s little-known neighbor to the south, might just change that.

Opened in January, Sailrock Resort has introduced luxury to sleepy South Caicos for the first time, bringing to the unspoiled 8-square-mile isle an elite collection of suites and villas. The resort is the result of a decade-long endeavor by the Chicago real estate developer Colin Kihnke, who fell in love with South Caicos on an impromptu vacation in 2007. Kihnke set out to establish an eco-minded, privacy-shrouded property on its powder-soft shores. Today, Sailrock features 12 Ridgetop Suites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and placid Caicos Bay; five sprawling Beachfront Villas with private swimming pools and peaceful courtyards; a Private Peninsula Villa, situated at a distance from the resort; and the sleek, open-air Great House, which is home to a swimming pool and seasonal seafood restaurant.

With little else on the island to distract them—save for the island’s lone local eatery, Sunset Cafe & Grill—guests come to Sailrock to unplug, whiling away the days with beachfront massages and activities like boating, snorkeling, diving, and stand-up paddleboarding. By next year, they’ll find further relaxation in the form of a soon-to-open full-service Na Spa, which will debut along with a handful of new accommodations. Our advice? Get in now before word of this best-kept secret gets out.

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