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Robb Recommends: This Travel-Sized Red-Light Therapy Device Helps With Sleep, Muscle Pain and More

The Joovv Go uses medical-grade light therapy to help with all sorts of issues that come with traveling.

Joovv Go tech wellness Photo: Courtesy Joovv
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From insomnia and muscle pain to inflammation and a weakened immune system, travel can trigger all sorts of issues—and, according to a wide array of clinical studies and expert testimony, light therapy can help address them all, as well as a host of other problems. Specifically, the benefits come from the use of red and near-infrared light, both of which are easily absorbed into the body (the former into the skin tissue, the latter deeper into the muscles) to enhance functionality on the cellular level. With increased awareness about these benefits, an increasing number of hotels and spas have been introducing infrared saunas and light therapy treatments, and I’ve been able to try them out while traveling to feel the positive effects firsthand. But like anything, consistency is a key part of light therapy—which is why I was excited to find the Joovv Go.

Joovv Go tech wellness

The Joovv Go comes in a handy travel case  Photo: Courtesy Joovv

As the first brand to make medical-grade light therapy treatments more accessible to the public, Joovv products are used in spas and clinics for skin and health benefits, and are popular with pro-athletes, Olympians and trainers for muscle recovery and performance. Since launching in 2016, Joovv has primarily offered modular light panels that can be connected to create full-body systems that require a good amount of space (and that can run to over $7,000.) So for my New York City apartment-dwelling, frequent-traveling self, the Joovv Go—introduced in 2019—is ideal. Available in either red or near-infrared versions, the Go is just 3.75-inches by 5.75-inches, weighs one pound and comes in a convenient hard travel case. It has Bluetooth capabilities (for any future software updates) and is pre-set to light up for 10-minutes at a time (the suggested length of each light therapy session.) Because the lights have to be positioned from 2-to-6-inches away from the body during the treatment, you’ll likely have to hold the cube for the whole time when using it on certain areas, like knees or the neck. But that slight inconvenience is outweighed by the benefits, which I’ve found to include decreased muscle pain, deeper sleep and more energy—all key when on the road.



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